Streptavidin, unconjugated

Streptavidin, Unconjugated

For conjugation with Peroxixidase, Alkaline phosphatase etc.
ELISA (solid phase) apply 50 microliters at conc. of 2-5 micrograms/ml in HCO3 buffer overnight at 4C, followed by washing plate with PBS.
The optimum dilution should be determined by the individual lab.

1 mg in 0.1 ml 10mM sodium bicarbonate buffer, 0.05% azide.

Reacts with streptavidin in ELISA and WB


Activity (biotin binding):>14.6 units/mg solid=15.3 units/mg solid
Reference Value:16.28 units/mg
Unit Defination: One unit of streptavidin will bind 1 microgram of biotin.
Protein content: 98 (+/- 5) %=98.08
HPLC Purity:>/= 99.7
Isoelectric point: approx. 7.0 determined by isoelectric focusing.
Protease activity: 0.000077 units/mg.
HANDLING OF SMALL VOLUMES: This product is supplied in a very small volume (0.1 ml), and great care must be taken when attempting to aliquot and store them. To obtain maximum product retention it is recommended that vials are centrifuged briefly and/or the vials washed out with a minimal quantity of a suitable storage buffer (ie. containing a protein stablizer).