ELISpot Advantages

  High sensitivity

•  Wide range of detection (e.g., cytokines and granzyme B)

•  Quantitative

•  High throughput, high content analysis

•  Lower limit of detection

•  Applicability to frozen/thawed biological samples

•  Affordable price

When compared to other immunoassay techniques such as flow cytometry, ELISpot is considered to be preferable for its higher sensitivity.[1] It has been supposed that a typical ELISpot assay is 100–200-fold more sensitive than conventional ELISA in the detection of the secreted cytokines. For the sake of being cheaper and time-saving, the ELISpot could be improved to multi-color FluoroSpot.[2]

ELISpot (Advantage) Reference:

[1] Karlsson AC, et al., Comparison of the ELISPOT and cytokine flow cytometry assays for the enumeration of antigen-specific T cells, J Immunol Methods. 2003, 283(1-2):141-153;

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