Eosin Y Counterstain - 250 ml

Eosin Y Counterstain

Eosin Y is used as a counterstain against hemotoxylin in H and E staining.

Store at room temperature.

Step by Step Instructions:
1. In H and E staining, paraffin-embeded tissue sections are dewaxed by oragnic solvents and rehydrated with gradients of achohol, followed by resing with deionized water.
2. Hematoxylin (Biomeda M10) is applied for 3-5 minutes then washed with deionized water.
3. The slides are dipped in 10% acetic acid and washed with deionized water.
4. Dip in Eosin Y for 2 to 5 minutes.
5. Dip in 95% alcohol 5 times.
6. Dip in 100% alcohol 5 times.
7. Dip in organic solvent such as Xylene 5 times.
8. Tissue can be mounted with any organic media such as Biomeda's Clarion(M05)