Probe Diluent

Probe Diluent (Ready-to-Use)

Probe Diluent is a ready-to-use solution for diluting DNA probes for in situ hybrydization. Probe Diluent is especially designed for the capillary action technology. The low viscosity of this medium allows it's easy movement in and out of the capillary gap. Probes, when diluted in this medium, will be stable for a long period if kept in the frozen condition.

This reagent is the cocktail used for in situ hybridization procedures.

Store at less than 0°C.

Use of the Probe Diluent: The concentrated probe has to be diluted in a medium in order to allow hybrid reannealing to occur. Depending on the in situ protocol, specificity of the probe and the sensitivity of the detection system, the optimum concentration the probe should be determined through the titration. Once the concentration is optimized, dilute the probe in the medium and store at less than 0°C.

Do not use beyond the expiration dated stated on the label.