10 X Immunoassay Buffer

10X Immunoassay Buffer

The 10X Immunoassay Buffer is a concentrated buffer solution for rinsing when performing solid phase immunoassays on plastic, glass or membrane. This reagent is a research oriented product and should only be used for this purpose. The compatibility of this buffer for any assay should be determined by the user. The 10X Immunoassay Buffer does not interfere with the enzyme activities of peroxidase, beta-galactosidase or alkaline phosphatase. However, do not use this buffer to carry out the substrate reaction of any of these enzymes.

Store at room temperature.

Preparation of 1X Working Buffer Solution: 1. To 9 liters of distilled or deionized water, add the         entire contents of the bottle containing the 10X         Immunoassay Buffer.*

* If reduced amount of the working buffer are to be prepared, dilute supplied concentrate in distilled or deionized water at the rate of 1 volume of buffer to 9 volumes of water.

2.    Mix well.
3.    When required for a particular assay, bovine serum albumin (BSA) can be added at a rate of 200 mg of BSA to 100 mL of working buffer. Keep unused working buffer with BSA in the refrigerator.
Use of the 1X Working Buffer Solution: To be used as the rinsing buffer for solid phase immunoassays.

Keep unused buffer without BSA in a sealed container at room temperature.

This buffer does not contain any known hazardous or toxic substances. Use only according to the instructions contained on this page.

Do not use beyond the expiration date stated on the label.

For Research Use Only.