About Biomeda

Since 1982, Biomeda philosophy has always been twofold:

1) To produce the highest quality products, and 2) To provide the best customer service and satisfaction. Because of this philosophy, our unique 30-day product warranty has become the strongest in the biotechnology industry.


For the last 25 years, Biomeda has consistently developed, manufactured and sold the highest quality immunochemicals. We are constantly searching for new ways to improve our products, moving perpetually to provide our customers with the best tools for achieving the realization of their pursuits.

Due to the acquisition of a long range of clones through collaboration with academic scientists, commercial entities, and our own product development activities, our cell culture facility has developed an expanding range of CD markers and other monoclonal antibodies. This production capability enables us to offer bulk quantities at very low prices. We invite commercial companies as well as academic researchers to inquire about our bulk and OEM programs.


Our research and development activities are keeping up with our growth; to that end we will be adding new lines of products as well as expanding the already existing lines. Some of the new products we are adding are the result of customer's suggestions. If you are a research scientist and have developed a product, and would like to commercialize it, contact us to inquire about the possibility of a mutual cooperation.


We want to reassure our customers that as Biomeda grows we will never compromise our quality and service; these are the pillars of our foundation.