Donor Equine Serum - 500mL


Sample Lot:

Total Protein(g/dl) (Biuret method)    6.6
Hemogloblin (mg/dl) (Spectrophotometric)    5.6 mg/dl
OSMO    284
Animal Specs    Donor Horse
PH    7.3
Color    Slight Golden
Endo    2.5 endo per ml
Sterile/ Filtered    Yes/.2microns
This product did not originate from a facility handling exotic live stock or aviant disease agents.    

Refrigerate at -20°C

The steps used in the collection and processing of these products are designed to ensure complete control of serum production from Donor animal to finished product. Antibiotic-free animals are fed only controlled rations and managed under veterinary supervision with daily observations for each herd animal by trained handlers. Blood drawn from each Donor animal is collected by aseptic procedures throughout, including serum separations and filling into final containers. Each batch, representing the serum processed from a day's blood collection, is identified by a distinctive lot number. Detailed records are kept throughout the entire process, providing complete verification and traceability back to the individual animals and dates bled. Representative samples of each lot, collected during bottling from a common pool, are tested by highly trained quality control personnel to verify that each lot meets the established standards of purity and uniformity. Samples, including a certificate of analysis, are available to potential buyers for evaluation of the lot. Partial or complete lots are held in reserve during this evaluation period.