HRP Substrate-Chromogen (DAB Tablets) Kit

DAB (Diaminobenzidine) chromogen


3A: Conc. buffer 5 mls
3B: chromogenTablets 20
3C:Conc. substrate 1 ml

Staining Procedure:
1. To 5 mls of distilled or deionized water add 5 drops of 3A buffer, mix.
2. Add one chromogen tablet, allow it to dissolve or vortex gently to dissolve table completely.
3. Add one drop of conc. substrate, mix well.
4. Wash specimen thoroughly to remove traces of peroxidase. DO NOT USE AZIDE IN ANY OF THE BUFFERS, SINCE IT DESTROYS PEROXIDASE.
5. Apply chromogen mixture, let incubate 10-15 mins at RT or 37C.
6. Wash thoroughly with distilled water and proceed with the counter stain.

This chromogen mixture is good for 2 hours.
Discard unused chromogen mixture according to local and state laws.
DAB IS suspected carcinogen. Avoid contact with skin and clothes.
Please see MSDS for this reagent.

These products are designed to produce a color deposition on tissue sections processed by immunocytochemical techniques using peroxidase as tracers. When using these products, it is very important to select the appropriate chromogen substrate for the enzyme tracer being used in the assay.
One mL of final working solution will yield approximately 5-6 tissue sections. The number of tests performed will vary depending on the application. Estimations are derived from use with the capillary-action based MicroProbe™ system, which draws 150-200 mL per test.
Each 20-tablet kit contains sufficient reagents to make 100 mL of final working solution. The 100 tablet chromogen-only kit will yield 500 mL of final working solution. All other kits contain sufficient reagents to make 300 mL of final working solution.

Refrigerate at 4°C. Do not freeze.

Working Chromogen