50 mM Potassium Phosphate, 0.9% Sodium Chloride, 0.05% Sodium Azide, pH 7.0.

Aliquoting Instructions:
Do not dilute the entire reconsituted solution at once. Withdraw aliquots as needed with a micropipette and keep concentrated stock at 4°C. Dilute according to the particular application being used. In general, the 0.05M borate pH 8.0 containing 0.15M sodium chloride, 0.02% sodium azide, is a good dilutent to use with most antibodies. GENERAL INFO: When diluting for immunohistochemistry, ELISA or western blot, make the dilution in Primary Antibody Diluting Buffer (Cat. No. M35). Avoid diluting the entire contents of the vial at once since the diluted solution may have reduced stability.

Refrigerate at 4°C. Do not freeze.

PROTEIN CARRIER: Bovine Serum Albumin.
CONJUGATE CHARACTERISTICS: The enzyme used in the conjugation procedure is a highly purified lysozyme 14.3 kDa chicken egg white, with specific activity greater than 20,000 units per mg.
Total activity of conjugate against immobilized avidin: >95%.