10X Automation Buffer

10X Automation Buffer pH 7.5

The 10X Automation Buffer is a concentrated formulation of a rinsing buffer for use in autostainers employing capillary action technology, as well as for manual immunostaining. It was developed in collaboration with David Brigati M.D., Department of Pathology, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK. This buffer is recommended for all the rinsing steps performed when doing immunocytochemical procedures.

The 10X Automation Buffer is recommended for all procedures utilizing Dr. David Brigati’s capillary action technique for transporting reagents to the specimens. No pH adjustment or additives are required when using this formulation. Simply dilute the concentrated 10-fold buffer with distilled or deionized water. A total of 10 liters of working rinsing solution can be prepared with 1 liter of the concentrated reagent. This buffer is also the reagent of choice for rinsing tissue sections that are subjected to immunocytochemical staining using conventional horizontal processing techniques. This concentrated buffer is recommended for the rinsing steps when performing most immunoassays including immunohistochemical staining of tissue sections using any of our HistoScan™, LymphoScan™ or BiøStain™ Super ABC kits.

Store at room temperature.

Technical Information:
TBS based (1X Tris-Buffered Saline)
-- Deionized or Distilled Water
-- 25 mM Tris Base
-- 150 mM Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
-- 0.02% Non-ionic detergent (Triton-X 100, NP-40, Tween-20 or BRIG 35.)
detergent used to reduce background and aid in breaking of surface tension for capillary action
-- Preservative
--The pH of 10X buffer is 7.5, when diluted 10 times, the pH of working solution will be 7.5+/- 0.1

-- Substitute 10mM Phosphate for Tris Base.

Preparation of 1X Working Buffer Solution: 1. To 9 liters of distilled or deionized water, add the entire content of the bottle containing the 10X Automation Buffer. *

*If reduced amounts of the working buffer are to be prepared, dilute supplied concentrate in distilled or deionized water at the rate of 1 volume of buffer for each 9 volumes of water.

2. Mix well.
Use of the 1X Working Buffer Solution: 1. Use this buffer to rinse tissue sections in between the application of reagents while doing automated or manual immunocytochemical techniques.

2. This buffer can also be used to blue the sections following the hematoxylin counterstaining step.

Keep unused buffer in a sealed container at room temperature.

This buffer does not contain any known hazardous or toxic substances. Use only according to the instructions contained on this page.

Do not use beyond the expiration date stated on the label.
For Research Use Only.

1.Pastore, J.N., et al. A Rapid Immunoenzyme Double Labeling Technique Using EPOS Reagents. J Histotechnol, 1: 31-34, 1995.