Mouse Plasma -100mL

Lot Number# Mouse Plasma Heparin    341239
Total Protein(g/dl) (Biuret method)    6.4
Hemogloblin (mg/dl) (Spectrophotometric)    26
IgG Concentration (mg/ml) (Protein A Pilot)    3.8
Additives    NONE
Animal Specs    Swiss Mice
PH    7.4
Color    Slight Yellow
Filtered    0
Sterile    Plasma
Hantaan Virus    Negative
LCM    Negative
MHV    Negative
This product did not originate from a facility handling exotic live stock or aviant disease agents.    
A veterinary Health cerificate will be issued with the above materails.    
Serum is not Turbid or Lipemic    

STORE at -20°C

Collected from 8-12 week old sexually mature mice that are free of common parasites.