Peroxidase from Horseradish, 500 mg

Conjugated peroxidase is used as a tracer in cytochemistry, IHC, WB, Immunoblot and ELISA.

Supplied at a concentration of 10-20 mg/ml in water.

Aliquoting Instructions:
Dilute according to your protocol.
DO NOT dilute in buffer containg sodium azide, fluoride, cyanide or sulfide.

-20C, this product may be aliquoted and frozen at -20C.
Repeated freeze and thaw cycle should be avoided.

Technical Information:
This enzyme is a glycoprotein (MW~44 kDA), with single chain polypeptide containing four disulfide bridges. This enzyme contains a hemin prosthetic group and a bound calcium. RZ (Reinheitszahl) is a absorbance ratio; A403nm/A275nm, it is a measure of hemin content of peroxidase. RZ value of this peroxidase is over 3. In HPLC this enzymes shows a single peak in citrate-NaCl gradient at pH 4.4
Unit:------Purpurogallin U/mg protein.
This enzymes can be conjugated with antibodies using periodate oxidation, through s-s bonds, glutaraldehyde and amino groups using bifunctional reagents. Its fairly low MW (~44kDA) makes it a desirable candidate for conjugation.