Primary Antibody Diluting Buffer (For S100 Antibody)

Primary Antibody Diluting Buffer for S100 Protein Antibodies

This buffer contains 0.05% Sodium Azide. Dispose according to state and local regulations.

This product is similar to the Primary Antibody Diluting Buffer, except it is formulated especially for use in diluting antibodies to S-100 protein.

This buffer is intended for use with the following Biømeda products only:

Catalog Number        Description
A54            Rabbit Anti-S100 Protein
V2002            Rabbit Anti-S100 Protein
N079            Dehydrated Rabbit Anti S100 Protein
V1019            Monoclonal Anti-S100 Protein
K119            Dehydrated Monoclonal Anti-S100 Protein
FM012            FITC Monoclonal anti-S100 Protein

For all other products, we recommend the Primary Antibody Diluting Buffer (Cat. No. M35).

Keep in a sealed container at room temperature.

The Primary Antibody Diluting Buffer for S100 Protein Antibodies is a ready-to-use buffer for diluting antibodies to S-100 protein. These reagents used in most immunostaining techniques, including immunoenzymatic and fluorescence assays. Dilute the required amount of primary antibody to S100 protein using this buffer as diluent. When prepared in this buffer, these antibodies will remain stable for several weeks if kept under refrigeration. Extended stability may be obtained by freezing the diluted antibodies. However, some monoclonal antibodies are destroyed by freezing. For best results use freshly diluted antibodies.

USAGE: Each concentrated antibody has to be titered before it can be used for an assay. Depending on the assay and the antibody specificity, the optimal working dilution should be determined through titration. We recommend diluting all S-100 protein primary antibodies in this buffer, if they are to be used in conjunction with Biømeda’s detection systems.

Do not use beyond the expiration dated stated on the label.