Permount- 100 mL


Permount is clear with permanent adhering qualities. Absolutely neutral. Will not become acidic or discolor with age. 115°C melting point makes it more suitable than balsam or gum damar for microprojection work.

Refractive index of Permount is slightly higher than that of Canada balsam. Can be used with either artificial light or daylight. Permount is thinner than commonly used balsam and damar solutions, hence easier to apply. Has little tendency to trap bubbles beneath cover glass.


Before using this product, open the adjustable tip to achieve the desired optimal flow rate of the mounting medium. Place the bottle of Permount upside down in a cup or waste bottle.

This step eliminates the introduction of air bubbles into the medium.

1. Dehydrate the tissue sections using graded alcohols and Lemosol, toluene, xylene or any other clearing agent.
2. Place the slides on a horizontal surface and apply two small drops of Permount to the tissue sections.
3. Carefully apply coverslip on top of the Permount and let the medium spread evenly.
4. Place the slides on the benchtop horizontally for drying. Drying times vary corresponding to the humidity and temperature. Slides can be placed in the oven set at 70-80°C for 15-30 min.
5. Remove the slides from the oven and allow them to cool to room temperature. The slides are now ready for microscopic visualization.
It was found that some particular tissue sections, especially gastrointestinal sections or necrotic areas on the sections, have a significant number of microscopic air bubbles when Permount is not completely dry. Thorough drying of the sections coverslipped with Permount helps to reduce this limitation.

Removal of Permount:

When required, coverslips mounted on Permount may be completely removed. Immerse slides in Lemosol, toluene or xylene and occasionally agitate the slides to assist the removal of the coverslip and the Permount layer. Repeat this procedure until the coverslip and the medium are removed.
Since Permount is a laboratory reagent, we advise that it should be handled with good laboratory practices.

As a part of good industrial and personal hygiene and as a safety procedure, avoid all unnecessary exposure to Permount and ensure prompt removal from skin and clothing.

Do not drink or use near food. Keep away from children. Keep away from open flame or heat source.