Probe/Hematoxylin Counterstain


Biømeda’s hematoxylin is water- based, unlike the most common hematoxylins available which are alcohol-based. The use of alcohol-based hematoxylin destroys most of the chromogens (i.e., AEC, Fast Red, BCIP/INT, etc.) used for immunocytochemistry. Biømeda’s hematoxylin formulation avoids this problem and is specifically designed for nuclear counterstaining using automated and/or manual immunocytochemistry techniques. This hematoxylin provides a clean, strong and permanent nuclear stain in the formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections, as well as in frozen tissue sections.

Probe/Hematoxilin will produce a blue nuclear counterstain which is ligther than conventional hematoxilin counterstains. This reduces the interference of the counterstain with the nuclear signal of the DNA probe.

This is a specially formulated hematoxylin designed for in situ DNA hybridization procedures. For related products see listing under DNA Probe, in situ Hybridization.

Store at room temperature.

Technical Information:
Same as Aqueous Hematoxylin, but diluted 3X for In Situ. This is because Aqueous Hematoxylin is too strong for in situ. (Too much nuclear staining.) Can dilute Aqueous Hematoxylin to use as Probe Hematoxylin. Check to be sure to keep pH in balance. pH should be approx. 2-3. Or use aqueous hematoxylin for a SHORT time will do the same as well.

Seven Step Procedure: 1.    After the end of the chromogen incubation, rinse with distilled water and drain.
2.    Introduce the hematoxylin.
3.    Incubate the slides for 1-2 min. at room temperature.
4.    Drain off the hematoxylin and wash slides several times with distilled water.
5.    Incubate the slides with 1X Automation Buffer or PBS (pH7.4) for 1 minute.
6.    Wash with distilled water.
7.    Mount with Crystal/Mount (Cat. #M02 or #M03).
Do not use beyond the expiration date stated on the label.

For Research Use Only.

This is a laboratory reagent and should only be used by trained laboratory personnel. Avoid contact with skin or clothing.