10X Phosphatase Enhancer

10X Phosphatase Enhancer

The 10X Phosphatase Buffer is a new revolutionary product for improving alkaline phosphatase-based immunocytochemistry. When utilized in conjunction to alkaline phosphatase-based staining systems, this enhancer increases the tissue staining signal several fold compared to that, generated under identical experimental conditions, in the absence of Phosphatase Enhancer. The increase in sensitivity achieved by using the Phosphatase Enhancer is of special importance for staining protocols performed to detect antigens susceptible to be partially damaged by fixation and paraffin embedding procedures. Such an increase in signal is also valuable in the optimization of routine staining procedures utilizing Alkaline Phosphatase as a tracer.

Used with alkaline phosphatase-based staining systems, the Phosphatase Enhancer increases the tissue staining signal several fold when compared to tissues processed without the enhancer. The increased sensitivity helps in detecting antigens that may have been damaged during fixation or embedding and is also valuable in the optimization of routine staining procedures utilizing alkaline phosphatase as a tracer.

Store at room temperature.

Preparation of 10X Phosphatase Enhancer: Phosphatase Enhancer is supplied as a 10X concentrate in 250 mL volume size. To prepare the 1X working solution of this reagent, mix 1 volume of the supplied 10X concentrated reagent with 9 volumes of distilled or deionized water. Mix well. Discard diluted solution if not used withing seven days.

How to Use of the 1X Phosphatase Enhancer: After the incubation of the tissue sections with Streptavidin-Alkaline Phosphatase, wash slides several times with 1X Automation Buffer (Cat. No. M30). Drain off the Automation Buffer completely. Introduce the 1X Phosphatase Enhancer into the tissue sections. Incubate the sections for 1 minute at room temperature. Drain off the Phosphatase Enhancer from the tissue sections. Do not wash the tissue sections after the application of Phosphatase Enhancer, instead, proceed to apply the Phophatase Substrate/Chromogen solution.
Stability and Storage: Discard diluted solution if not used within seven days.

Do not use beyond the expiration date stated on the label.

Keep unused solution in a sealed container at room temperature.