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Sino Biological manufactures series of ELISA kits with antigen species ranging from human, mouse, rat to cynomolgus, HIV, influenza and RSV. Most of these kits are built on the principle of sandwich ELISA.

In an ELISA kit a pair set of capture antibody and detection antibody are provided. The capture antibody is specific to your interested antigen. The detection antibody is specific to your interested antigen and conjugated with HRP or biotin. Moreover, a standard of recombinant protein which is molecularly the same with your interested antigen is included.

How to select ELISA assay kits?

1) Quantitative or qualitative detection?

Screening assays where the results are "eyeballed" can easily be performed in noncompetitive formats where a positive result must be discerned over background, especially when the background has been controlled to a non-observable level. On the other hand, in competitive assays a difference in the amount of color is much more difficult to discern by eye. Unless one is looking only for gross differences, it is best to rely on plate readers for quantification.

2) To detect what kind of samples: serum, plasma, urine, cell supernatants or others?

As with all aspects of assay development, optimum sample preparation procedures will vary depending on the target and assay of interest. It is always good practice to consult the literature for experimental examples similar to your own when developing a new assay.