Light Green Counterstain

Light Green Counterstain

Biømeda’s Light Green is a light green counterstain designed for counterstaining immunohistochemistry chromogens like BCIP/NBT (Cat. No. S04), BCIP/INT (Cat. No. S03), DAB Cobalt (Cat. No. S15). This is an ideal counterstain to be used with the chromogens that cannot be counterstained with hematoxylin because of the little or no color contrast. Specimens counterstained with Light Green can be dehydrated and mounted with organic solvents-based plastic polymers such as ClariØn (Cat. No. M05, M06) or Permount.

This light green counterstain is designed for counterstaining BCIP/NBT and DAB Cobalt. Specimens counterstained with Light Green should be dehydrated and mounted with an organic mounting media such as ClariØn (See Pg. 54). This counterstain is not compatible with aqueous mounting media.

Light Green Counterstain is not compatible with Crystal/Mount, Gel/Mount or other aqueous mounting media. This product may fade if it comes into contact with 1X Automation Buffer (Cat. No. M30).

Store at room temperature.

Seven Step Procedure: 1.    After the end of the chromogen incubation, rinse slides with distilled water and drain.
2.    Introduce the Light Green.
3.    Incubate the slides for 1-2 min. at room temperature.
4.    Drain off the Light Green and wash slides several times with distilled water.
5.    Dehydrate the slides by passing them through graded alcohols.
6.    Bring the slides to xylene or a xylene substitute clearing agent.
7.    Mount with ClariØn (Cat. No. M05, M06) or other organic solvent based mounting medium.

Upon prolonged storage, Light Green Counterstain has a tendency to precipitate. In such an instance, it is recommended to filter the solution using a syringe filter.

Do not use beyond the expiration date stated on the label.


This a laboratory reagent and should only be used by trained laboratory personnel. Avoid contact with skin or clothing.