ELISA Antibody Characteristics

In an ELISA, a high quality antibody is used to identify or neutralize target objects like antigen or other antibody. The characteristic of a high quality ELISA antibody should be both highly sensitive and highly specific. Sino Biological antibody features are as follows.

High Sensitivity

  • The detection limit is as low as 3.1 pg/ml.

High Specificity

  • Full length protein, instead of peptides as immunogen. All of antibodies were generated with recombinant full length proteins as immunogen, which ensures better binding affinity and specificity to the native protein.
  • Antibody pair of two mAbs. In some of ELISA kits, the capture antibody and detection antibody are both mAbs. The antibody pair of two mAbs ensures higher specificity than most ELISA kits which consist of mAb as capture antibody and pAb as detection antibody.

High-Quality Standard

  • Over 90% of recombinant proteins are human cell-expressed. Human cell expression ensures the proper folding, glycosylation, gamma-carboxylation and other post-translational modification of recombinant proteins.