Actin, Alpha-Smooth Muscle - Prediluted

Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Human Alpha-Smooth Muscle Actin

This antibody is prediluted for Immunohistochemistry use.

The N-terminal decapeptide of alpha-smooth muscle actin.

Cellular Localization:

Species Reactivity:
Human, Baboon, Rabbits. Others not tested.

Recommended Positive Control:

Mouse monoclonal antibody prediluted in Primary Antibody Diluting Buffer pH 7.6.

Aliquoting Instructions:
Not applicable

Staining Procedure:
The prediluted antibody can be used on frozen cryostat sections as well as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections. For paraffin-embedded tissue sections, we recommend an incubation time and temperature of 30 minutes at 37°C for this antibody, when used in conjunction with Biømeda’s immunoperoxidase staining kit. *Prolonged fixation in buffered formalin can destroy the epitope.

Antibody Form:
Prediluted for IHC

This antibody reacts with the alpha-smooth muscle isoform of actin. It does not react with actin from fibroblasts (beta- and gamma-cytoplasmic), striated muscle (alpha-sarcomeric) and myocardium (alpha-myocardial).

This antibody is compatible with the following Biømeda staining kits: AutoProbe III Wide Spectrum Universal Staining kits (Cat. No. 08-803, 08-804X), HistoScan Monoclonal Detector (Cat. No. 06-601, 06-601A and 06-601F.). BiøStain Super ABC Mouse/Rat kits (Cat. No. 11-002 and 11-002A), UltraProbe High Sensitivity Staining kits (Cat. 09-900, 09-901, 09-901X), LAB/Probe Mouse/Rabbit kits (Cat. No. 10-101 and 10-102) and AutoProbe II Universal kits (Cat. No. 08-801 and 08-802X).

Refrigerate at 4°C. Do not freeze.

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