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OEM suppliers

Accurate   Accurate supplies tons of antibodies and other reagents, including a lot of unusual stuff, often marketed for other companies.
Affinity Affinity Bioreagents supplies steroid and stress protein antibodies and probes.
Aldrich   Aldrich supplies chemicals.
Amersham   Amersham supplies secondary antibodies and the Cy series of fluorochromes, including conjugation kits.
Atto Atto Instruments, Inc. supplies analytical microscopy.
Bachem   Bachem supplies reagents, including caspase inhibitors.
Becton-Dickinson Becton-Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems supplies instruments and clinical antibodies, supplier of PerCP-conjugated reagents.
Biomeda   Biomeda supplies fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies, particularly phycoerythrin.
Biomol   Biomol supplies lots of reagents for signal transduction.
Bio-Rad   Bio-Rad supplies not much for flow, but they make an odd sort of cytometer for analyzing bacteria supplies the Bryte..
BioSource   BioSource supplies antibodies for cytokine detection by flow, they also have Tago Immunochemicals products.
Calbiochem   Calbiochem supplies signal tranduction reagents - high quality indo-1 and fluo-3 for calcium detection.
Caltag   Caltag supplies anti-human and anti-mouse antibodies - they have APC, Cy5 and Cy3 conjugates.
Coherent   Coherent supplies lasers, lasers, lasers.
Coulter   Coulter supplies flow cytometers and sorters - they have a new line of fluorescent cytoenzymology reagents for flow - interesting stuff.
Cytek   Cytek supplies they make flow cytometer add-ons, including our Time Zero kinetic module, absolute count devices and an automatic cell washer.
Cytomation   Cytomation supplies manufacturers of the MoFlo sorting system - can sort up to 25,000 events/second! - they also market Partec flow cytometers.
Dako   Dako supplies lots of anti-human antibodies.
Enzyme Enzyme Systems Products supplies fluorogenic enzyme substrates, caspase inhibitors, etc..
Exalpha   Exalpha supplies anti-human antibodies, including panels.
FlowJo   FlowJo supplies a new flow cytometry program developed at Stanford.
Fluka   Fluka supplies chemicals.
Gibco-BRL   Gibco-BRL supplies source of Green Fluorescence Protein for flow, PE-Texas Red conjugates, etc..
Immune Immune Source supplies lots of antibodies for cytokines, AIDS, multicolor panels.
Immunotech   Immunotech supplies Coulter owns them, good selection of anti-human antibodies.
Jackson Jackson ImmunoResearch supplies well-characterized secondary antibodies for multicolor labeling, many Cy2, Cy3, Cy5 and AMCA conjugates found almost nowhere else, and good technical info.
Lab Lab Vision, Inc. supplies a source for unusual and hard-to-find antibodies.
Laser Laser Innovations supplies they sell and service Coherent lasers.
Leinco   Leinco supplies antibodies for flow cytometry, including Image Blue conjugates supplies a fluorochrome like Cascade Blue..
Leica   Leica supplies the microscope people.
Medical Medical Science Associated supplies software for flow cytometry.
Melles Melles Griot supplies they make filters for fluorescent microscopes and flow cytometers.
Molecular Molecular Probes supplies everything fluorescent! - their catalog is an education in itself, and is available on-line.
Nikon   Nikon supplies some other microscope people.
Olympus   Olympus supplies more microscopes.
Omega   Omega supplies filters for flow, including useful technical info on laser excitation wavelengths, filter wavelengths, GFP, etc..
OncoImmunin   OncoImmunin supplies novel fluorescent caspase substrates for flow cytometry - we are testing these.
Opti-Scan   Opti-Scan supplies confocal microscopy systems.
Partec   Partec supplies a German flow cytometer manufacturer.
Pharmingen   Pharmingen supplies one of the last great manufacturers of anti-mouse antibodies, they have CyChrome supplies PE-Cy5. and APC conjugates and lots of apoptosis-related antibodies, and good TUNEL and annexin V apoptosis assays - are now an affiliate of Becton-Dickinson and now PerCP-conjugated antibodies as a result.
Phoenix Phoenix Flow Systems supplies they recondition old Ortho flow cytometers and sell flow software, apoptosis kits, etc..
Polysciences   Polysciences supplies fluorescent beads and solid protein substrates for bead-based flow assays.
ProZyme   ProZyme supplies PE and APC conjugation kits for antibodies and other proteins.
Research Research Diagnostics, Inc. supplies antibodies and research drugs.
Research Research Organics supplies XRITC, Cy3 and Cy5 linker kits.
Riese Riese Enterprises supplies they sell BioSource sheath buffer, red blood cell standards, etc..
Santa Santa Cruz Biochemicals supplies cell cycle antibodies.
Scanalytics   Scanalytics supplies fluorescence imaging microscopes.
Sigma   Sigma supplies biochemicals, good selection of secondary antibodies, they sell PKH2 and PKH26, those lipophilic membrane markers developed by Zynaxis Cell Sciences.
SoftFlow SoftFlow Hungary supplies a flow cytometry software development company in Eastern Europe, they wrote the FCAP flow analysis software for the Mac, a pretty good program.
Spherotech   Spherotech supplies calibration particles, including Rainbow beads.
Synthetic Synthetic Genetics supplies fluorescent oligos.
Verity Verity Software supplies several good software packages, including WinList and ModFit, both of which we have.
Zeiss   Zeiss supplies and even more microscopes, including confocal.
Zymed   Zymed supplies apoptosis and signal transduction antibodies, more immunocytochemistry-oriented.